Planned Unit Development

The purpose of Planned Unit Development (PUD) regulations is to encourage and allow more creative and imaginative design of land developments than is possible under district zoning regulations. Planned Unit Developments are intended to allow substantial flexibility in planning and designing a proposal. This flexibility often accrues in the form of relief from compliance with conventional zoning ordinance site and design requirements. Ideally, this flexibility results in a development that is better planned, that contains more amenities, and ultimately a development that is more desirable to live in than one produced in accordance with typical zoning ordinance and subdivision controls.

STEPS In the Edgerton PUD Process

Rezoning. Article 6 of the UDC, Planned Unit Development District, outlines the process for PUDs in Edgerton. PUD is a zoning designation and as such, a Rezoning Application is required.

Conceptual Plan. In PUD development, a Conceptual Plan takes the place of a Preliminary Plat. Article 6 has very specific submittal requirements for the Conceptual Plan. Like a Site Plan, a variety of information is required so that everyone has a clear understanding of the way in which the property is intended to be developed. Lot sizes, land use patterns, site data, environmental information, traffic analysis, and market analysis are just some of items required when the application is submitted.

Upon receipt of PUD Rezoning and Conceptual Plan applications, City Staff will review the submittal during the pre-application process to ensure the proposed plan submitted is in accordance with the parameters set forth by the UDC.

The Rezoning application and the PUD Conceptual Plan application are presented as two separate items but at the same Planning Commission meeting. Both items require a Public Hearing. If the rezoning application does not receive approval to be rezoned to a PUD, the Conceptual Plan will not move forward during the meeting. If both the rezoning and the Conceptual Plan are recommended for approval, both items then continue on to the City Council for final acceptance.

Final Development Plan and Plat. Once the Rezoning and Conceptual Plan receive acceptance from the Governing Body, the applicant can then proceed with reasonable assurance that if the agreed to concept is carried forth, Final Development Plan and Plat approval will be granted.

The Final Development Plan and Plat is a precise plan of development that shows the exact location of facilities, arrangement of streets and lots, open space and common areas and the final survey description. The Final Plat may be submitted in stages with each stage reflecting the approved Conceptual Plan, provided that each stage submitted conforms to all regulations. The Final Development Plan and Plat are reviewed by the Planning Commission and if recommended for acceptance, the applications move on to the Governing Body for approval.

Any Changes. Once approved, the Final Development Plan represents a binding agreement with the applicants and their successors. Any changes or amendments to the PUD must be made in accordance with the parameters outlined in the UDC. Changes deemed minor may be reviewed at a regular Planning Commission meeting after being published on the agenda. The method in which major changes are approved varies, depending upon when and what changes are made.