Typically property is platted prior to the issuance of any building permit. Platting involves the subdivision of land into lots or tracts. It allows for larger tracts to be phased in the development. A plat is prepared only by a licensed engineer or surveyor, and is recorded as a permanent legal document that includes an accurate description and a graphical depiction of any real property that is to be divided. The intent of platting is to provide a readily accessible and easily understandable public record of property. Units of property that have been created by platting can be easily transferred between interested parties.

Preliminary Plats

Preliminary plats demonstrate an overall subdivision concept for an entire ownership tract. The preliminary plat indicates the general lot configuration, street layout, and existing topography. Preliminary plat applications shall be submitted at least forty-nine (49) days prior to a scheduled meeting of the Edgerton Planning Commission. The Edgerton Planning Commission will consider the Preliminary Plat during a public hearing held a regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting. The City is required to publish notice of the public hearing at least twenty (20) days prior to the hearing in the official City newspaper. The Planning Commission shall review the Preliminary plat and other material submitted with it to determine conformity with the comprehensive plan and these regulations. The Planning Commission shall act upon the plat within ninety (90) days after submission, unless the sub-divider shall waive or consent to an extension of the ninety (90) day period. If the sub-divider submits the preliminary and final plats concurrently, the time period shall be ninety (90) days.

  Preliminary Plat Application

Final Plats

Final plats generally represent only one phase of development within an approved preliminary plat. The plat must conform to the approved preliminary plat, but it is far more detailed than the preliminary, including exact easement locations and dedication language for all public purposes.

Final plat applications shall be submitted at least forty-nine (49) days prior to a scheduled meeting. If the final plat complies with the preliminary plat, Planning Commission and Governing Body may consider approval without notice or public hearing. The City Council considers acceptance of any public rights-of-way or other property proposed to be dedicated to the City as indicated on the Final Plat. Property owners and City officials sign an approved Final Plat drawing that must be recorded by the Johnson County Register of Deeds. An excise tax, based on the total land area of the Final Plat is required to be paid to the City prior to release of the plat for recording at the County.

For additional information and a checklist of items to include with the preliminary and final plats, please see the applications.

  Final Plat Application