Property owners requesting rezoning should file all necessary materials at least 35 days prior to a regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting.

The applicant will be responsible for mailing notices of the public hearing for the requested rezoning by certified mail, return receipt requested to all owners of land within the notification area: two hundred (200) feet within the city limits; one thousand (1,000) feet in the unincorporated area of the subject property. These notices must be sent a minimum of twenty (20) days prior to the public hearing. In addition, the City will publish a public hearing notice in the official city newspaper and post a sign at the property. The Planning Commission and Governing Body shall determine whether the amendment is found to be generally compatible with surrounding development and is in the best interest of the City.

  Rezoning application

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2011 by the Planning Commission of the City of Edgerton, and approved by the City Council, consists of a framework of twelve (12) long range goals that guide the development of the City of Edgerton through the year 2040. A key component of the Comprehensive Plan is the Future Land Use Map, which provides guidelines for the development and growth of land use in the City of Edgerton. PLEASE NOTE that the City Council has provided direction to Staff to begin the process of updating both the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map given the unprecedented economic growth within the city and the region. Preliminary efforts are underway. To see the full version of the adopted Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map, please see below:

  Comprehensive Plan

  Future Land Use Map

Southwest Johnson County Area Plan

The Southwest Johnson County Area Plan, adopted in 2013, is a multi-agency partnership between the Core Team of the City of Edgerton, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDoT), the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), Johnson County, and the City of Gardner. The purpose of the plan is to provide a variety of transportation and land use opportunities centered around the BNSF Railroad Intermodal facility and subsequent economic development in the region around it as a result of its construction and operation. For more information and a copy of the adopted plan, please visit the plan on the MARC website.