City Council Approves 2022 Budget

Kara Banks City News

The Edgerton City Council adopted the 2022 budget at their meeting on September 9. The budget for the upcoming year funds public infrastructure improvements, upgrades to City services, and quality of life initiatives. 

“2022 is going to be a great year in Edgerton,” says Mayor Donald Roberts. “Construction will begin on the renovations at Glendell Acres Park, the new 207th Street bridge will be open, and plans for the new community gathering space in downtown will be coming out.  Thank you to the City Council, staff and our finance department for working collaboratively to create a responsible budget.”

The proposed municipal budget provides for park improvements, road repaving, water and sewer main replacement, community events, and more.

While the budget does exceed the new “Revenue Neutral Rate” as established by the County, the City Council voted to lower the mill rate to 29.939.  The proposed total general fund budget amount for FY2022 is approximately $5.9 million.  Of that, approximately $360,000 is generated from residential property tax.  Under this new budget, residential Edgerton property owners pay approximately 6% of our total general fund budget.