City Held 207th Street Grade Separation Public Open House

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On April 19th, the City held a Public Open House to kickoff the 207th Street Grade Separation Project. The City of Edgerton is proposing a grade separation —i.e., a bridge over —the BNSF Railway at 207th Street. 207th Street and Co-Op Road currently cross the railroad at-grade and Co-Op Road provides one of only three access points to the City of Edgerton. When trains are moving through the area, all three access points to Edgerton can become blocked. This can be particularly a challenge for emergency response vehicles, as they may not be aware of the blockage until they reach the intersections. There is not an efficient detour for those vehicles—or any vehicles—in this situation.

The 207th Street Grade Separation Project would construct a new bridge on 207th Street that would elevate the road over the railroad tracks. The project would also provide improvements to the intersection of 207th Street and Co-Op Road to provide better line-of-sight. Other amenities to the project will include pedestrian and bicycle access in the grade separation.

At the Open House, residents provided feedback on two possible scenarios keeping the new off-grade crossing on the existing alignment for 207th Street and one possible scenario that moves the bridge off the current 207th Street alignment. Those scenarios can be seen below. Residents are encouraged to provide comment by May 3rd by submitting the comment form below to City Hall or emailing Scott Peterson at

207th Street Grade Separation Possible Scenarios

Resident Comment Form