Code enforcement

A paintbrush on boards, a home with the grass kept mowed and a fence with ivy peeking through

Residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to invest in their property and not allow it to fall into disrepair. We must be considerate of our neighbors and work to enhance the quality of life in Edgerton.

By picking up debris and trash, appropriately maintaining vehicles, mowing grass, tending to weeds and controlling one’s pets, the City of Edgerton can become an even better place to live for all citizens.

The Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing City Ordinances. Through a cooperative effort of the City Council and the citizens of Edgerton, we can maintain property values and create a better quality of life within our community.

Residents are allowed to store up to 3 RVs, campers, boats, or other recreational vehicles on their property, but they must be in a side or rear yard and cannot extend beyond the front of the building.

Lawn mowing is required. Grass must be kept under 6 inches in height. Residents are responsible for mowing any area between their property line and the curb or street, including ditches.

If you need to report a possible code violation, call the Codes Enforcement Officer at 913-893-6231 or submit a report here.

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding property maintenance codes, please view our Property Maintenance Codes Brochure.