New Utility Rates Take Effect in January

Kara Banks City News

As the city works to remain self-sustaining with our water and sewer utilities, annual rate adjustments are necessary to account for inflation and maintenance costs.  For most residential customers, bills will increase slightly in 2023.  The total monthly increase for the average customer is $4.61, which is less than a pound of butter or one signature sandwich at a fast food restaurant.

By law, fees charged by a specific utility can only be used to fund the needs of that utility.  Rates paid by customers for water and sewer help pay for: operational and maintenance costs to keep our systems running efficiently, safely, and effectively, costs associated with meeting state and federal regulatory requirements, and materials, chemicals, equipment and other items needed to provide service on a daily basis. 

Edgerton customers continue to pay less for water than some of our neighboring communities. The City’s Utilities department is committed to ensuring every member of our community has safe, reliable service.