2019 Street Reconstruction

Update 11/14: Crews are patching the pavement on Edgewood and W. 7th Street where it was damaged over the last few months. All of the concrete work has been completed and they’re hoping to mill off the old asphalt next week and repave those roads. Sod will be laid down over the coming days. They will maintain the sod for 21 days and then it is the homeowners responsibility to maintain the new grass.

Update 10/18: The streets are really starting to come together. Over the next week, crews plan to finish the valley gutters and curb returns for stormwater run-off. All of the sidewalks will be poured and the new ADA compliant ramps will be going in. After that, it’s onto grading and final sod!

Update 10/10: It’s full steam ahead for the construction. Crews are going to be pouring asphalt on Wet 3rd Circle and Heather Knoll Circle on Friday, Oct. 11. Please have your vehicles moved by 7 a.m. The superintendent on the project tells us they have all but one driveway poured. Up next, sidewalks and ADA-compliant ramps for the sidewalks.

SAFETY REMINDER: Crews have seen children running into the street to touch some of the large equipment. THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. While the operators are watching closely, they cannot always see children directly behind their vehicles/equipment. Please remind your children to stay back while crews are working.

Update 10/3: Over the coming week, the crews plan to finish pouring driveways and will start pouring the new curbs on West 3rd and Heather Knoll Circle. They’ll also start pouring the intersections. Sidewalk pouring and grading has already started on Cumberland and will continue.

Update 9/20: Crews are making steady progress. The pavement has been torn out on Heather Knoll and the new rock base layer is down. Curb has been laid on Cumberland, W. 7th, 5th, and 4th streets. Next week (the week of 9/23), paving will begin on Shanandoah. Crews also plan to begin driveway reconstruction on the areas north of Edgewood. Homeowners should plan to be out of their driveways for up to 5 days while the concrete cures. Once crews remove the cones and tape from your driveway, you are allowed to drive on it again.

Update 9/12: The first layer of asphalt is scheduled to be laid on Monday, September 16 on Cumberland, W. 4th, W. 5th, W. 7, and Shanandoah. Then the concrete for curbs and driveways is scheduled to start going in on Tuesday. Watch for notifications on your doors in the coming days.

Update week of 9/9: Water will be turned off for most residents on Heather Knoll Drive on Monday, while a water main is relocated. Service should be restored by the end of the day, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Later this week, crews plan to begin laying the first layer of asphalt on Cumberland and should finish the road tear-out on Shanandoah.

Update week of 9/2: Crews will begin removing the asphalt on Shanandoah and are continuing work on the storm drainage along Heather Knoll.

Update week of 8/26: Crews are removing the asphalt along Cumberland/West 7th/West 5th. Once the asphalt has been removed, a new rock base will be added to allow residents to drive down the street.

In the last several Citizen Surveys, residents told us that street improvements are the number one priority.  So we are getting started.

The work includes new pavement, curbs and gutters, storm water improvements and sidewalks. This is a complete street reconstruction. Expect to see significant impacts to parking and access to homes during construction.

Crews with Miles Excavating are working in the neighborhoods impacted now.  The City has contracted with Miles Excavating, CFS Engineers and TREKK Design Group to complete the project. 

Check out the map below that shows the streets impacted:

2019 street reconstruction project map

Frequently Asked Questions:

The city contracted Miles Excavating to complete the work.
  • 1st Phase: Replacing and repairing storm sewers
  • 2nd Phase: Demolition of existing streets and sub-grading
  • 3rd Phase: Installation of new curbs and asphalt
  • 4th Phase: Installation of new driveways and sidewalks
  • 5th Phase: Lawn restoration
Construction is underway now. Most of the work should be completed by the end of the year, barring any weather-related delays or unforeseen circumstances.

Any trees or landscaping close to the street may be removed during the construction. Construction crews will speak to homeowners before removing large trees and any hardscape products. If you’re concerned about a specific feature of your yard, please contact City Hall or the project superintendent.

Generally, crews will be working between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.  The contractor also plans on working many Saturdays.

The roadway surface will be 28 feet across, from curb-to-curb. That allows for parking on one side of the street with two driving lanes. There will be sidewalk on one side of the road.

Sidewalks will be installed on the north and west sides of the streets, except in locations where sidewalk already exists. Those sidewalks will be replaced on the same side of the roadway. The sidewalks will be five feet wide and typically one foot within the right of way.

Residents will be responsible for clearing the sidewalk of ice and snow after a winter weather event. The City will typically perform maintenance of the sidewalk itself.

City staff will also evaluate if more street lighting is needed during the design and construction process.

An example of the curb that will be installed

Residents have been telling the city for years that road improvements are the number one priority.  Citizen Surveys in 2013, 2015 and 2018 put road conditions at the top of the list for needed improvements. So, the City of Edgerton is replacing several streets where the pavement is past its useful life.

Based on a survey from several years ago, the roadway surface was labeled as “failed,” so maintenance was stopped. That’s where this project started. The potholes, unevenness, and cracking across the pavement surface will all be fixed.

Crews will also be doing storm water work and grading the road to keep water from ponding on the road surface.

We will return your yard to existing or better conditions. Under guidelines from the American Public Works Association, landscaping can only be done during certain times of the spring or fall.  If your lawn cannot be repaired during the fall window, crews will return in the spring to sod to your yard.  This includes watering for 21 days after the seed or sod is put down.  After that three week window, the property owner or tenant is responsible for watering the new sod.

If you have an emergency that requires medical, fire or police staff, call 9-1-1.

For emergencies involving the roadway, like a water main break or dangerous pothole, call City Hall at 913-893-6231 and press 0 to reach the on-call staff member.

The City of Edgerton will send out notifications on Notify JoCo for major project updates. Sign up for Notify JoCo here.

You can also check out this website for details about the project.

Homeowners and tenants will receive street specific information, like details about road closures and parking, from the contractor during the construction process.

If you need wheelchair access or have medical needs that could be impacted by the street reconstruction project, contact Kara Banks, City Communications and Marketing Director, at 913-893-6231 to request accommodations during construction.

Yes, for the majority of the project. However, there will be a period of time where you will not be able to drive on certain stretches of roadway or park directly outside of your home. Crews will do their best to limit the number of days where access is restricted.

Crews will be pouring concrete entrances for all the driveways along the affected roads. While the concrete is setting up, you will not be able to use your driveway. You will be notified in advance.

The project is currently in the design phase. Construction may start as early as mid-summer. Crews plan to have substantial completion by the end of this year.

Yes, crews will return your property to existing or better conditions.

Crews are fixing the storm water sewer system, which may require that your utility lines be relocated. Prolonged outages are not expected. Residents will be notified if utility services will be interrupted.

This will be an active construction site, so the work will be noticeable. When crews are actively working on your street, they will have a water truck on site to keep the dust down. Otherwise, you will notice orange cones and construction signs set up as needed.

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