Residential Trash Rates Remain the Same for Another 3 Years

Kara Banks City News

Trash collection rates will remain the same under a new contract with Gardner Disposal Service.  The new contract means rates will not change for the next three years.  The full rate is $15 per month.  Customers pay $7.50 per month. The City picks up the other half of the trash bill for residents. 

“This is a great value for our residents,” says Mayor Donald Roberts. “With this new contract, residents will pay the same amount for six years running.”

Collection day will remain on Wednesdays. Carts must be placed curbside by 7 a.m. on collection day with only bagged waste in the cart.  Trash is limited to what will fit inside the cart with the lid closed. Overage stickers can be purchased at City Hall for any bags that do not fit in your cart.  Stickers are $1.50 each.

Items not accepted include hazardous materials, tires, animal carcasses, and material from construction, remodeling or demolition. Residents are allowed one bulky item per week, but you must call Gardner Disposal by the Monday prior to collection. 

The new contract also continues to cover yard waste and recycling services. Please place loose recycling in your cart. Do not bag recyclables. All items must be rinsed and free from food debris and grease. Break down any cardboard. No plastic bags, glass or Styrofoam is allowed.

Residents are allowed to place up to 8 bags of yard waste on the curb each week.  Yard waste must be in a biodegradable paper bag.  Tree limbs should be bundled in 4-foot lengths and tied with string.  Up to 12 bags are allowed during the spring and fall months.