Work Set to Begin at East 4th Street and Nelson Street

Scott City News

Construction work has begun on the 4th and Nelson Street Improvement project. As part of the approved Downtown Edgerton Plan, the project will start the initial work of expanding and resurfacing the intersection of 4th and Nelson and surrounding amenities. The 4th and Nelson project will remove the existing roadway and replace the failing asphalt with concrete, as well as address the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for the E. 4th St. intersection. This construction is being completed as part of the County Assistance Road System (CARS) program funded through Johnson County. Project extents are along 4th St. from Nelson St. to Hulett St. and along Nelson St. from 4th St. to 5th St.The timeline for the project is below:

Construction project begins – Monday 9/24
Nelson St. Road & Sidewalk Closure – Monday 9/24
4th St. Road & Sidewalk Closure -Monday 10/22
Sidewalks & Drives installation – Friday 11/23
Substantial Project Completion – Monday 12/17