Work to Begin on 7th and Nelson Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Kara Banks City News

Crews will start work on a new sanitary sewer project to replace clay tile pipe with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) in the area surrounding 7th and Nelson streets. CIPP is a jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe that will reduce inflow and infiltration of storm water into our sanitary sewer system. Crews will also make point repairs and rehab manholes in the project area.

The City has contracted with Municipal Pipe Tool to complete the work.

Work is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 18th with line inspections and cleaning. Crews plan to insert cameras into the lines to find any blockages and locate problem areas for repairs. During this process, you may notice drains and toilets gurgling as the crews use high-pressure water to break up any blockages, scour the pipe walls and flush debris through the lines. 

You may experience a sewer odor in your home or gurgling in your drains due to inadequate venting. Please do not be alarmed. In the unlikely event that water may splash back, place a large old towel under the toilet seat or draped around the toilet and cover any floor drains.

Residents in the impacted area should have received a letter in the mail with instructions and contact information for the contractor.

Following the inspection and cleaning, crews will fix manholes and complete repairs as needed in the project area. Next, they will install the CIPP throughout the system.

Part of the funds for the 7th and Nelson Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project come from a Community Development Block Grant from Johnson County.

This project is expected to take several weeks and be completed this winter.

If you have any questions or concerns during the project, please contact Sharon Waschat with Municipal Pipe Tool at
1-800-798-4205 or 319-988-4205.

A map of Edgerton with a box highlighting the area between 8th Street on the west and 1st Street on the east between Morgan and Nelson where crews will complete a sewer rehabilitation project.