2022 Citizen Survey Shows Resident Satisfaction on the Rise

Kara BanksCity News

The results of the 2022 Citizen Survey show that in every major category of service, Edgerton scored significantly higher (13 points) than the national average and, in many cases, higher than other cities in the Kansas City metropolitan area. 64% of respondents said they are satisfied with the overall quality of City services, a 15-point increase from 2013.

The results of the Citizen Survey were shared with the City Council during their April 28 meeting. The six-page survey consisted of 32 questions and was administered in February by ETC Institute. 

“The City of Edgerton continues to impress with the regards to the delivery of key city services. However, the real story is in how the City compares to other communities both regionally and nationally. The City ranked above the US average in 33 of the 35 areas that were comparable and ranked above the extremely competitive Kansas City Metro average in 24 of the 35 areas assessed. The Kansas City Metro average includes results from some of the nation’s top performers such as Olathe, Mission, Lenexa, Overland Park, and Roeland Park just to name a few,” said Ryan Murray, Assistant Director of Community Research for ETC Institute.


83% of people are satisfied with the City’s snow removal services
77% of people are satisfied the overall quality of the City’s communications with the public
64% of people are satisfied with the overall maintenance of City streets and facilities

Since 2020, the City had noticeable gains in the overall flow of traffic in Edgerton, the overall enforcement of traffic laws and quality of animal control.  The areas with the most satisfaction continue to be fire protection, quality of ambulance and police services and overall quality of customer service from the City.

Additionally, the City performs exceptionally well in communication. 81% of respondents are satisfied with the content of the City’s newsletter and 72% gave the City high marks for the availability of information about City programs and services.

“The survey helps us set priorities for projects and funding,” says Mayor Donald Roberts. “The City Council uses this to understand community wants and needs.”

According to the survey results, the City’s top priorities for the next few years should be on water system improvements, maintenance of existing streets and sidewalks, and street lighting. The construction of The Greenspace and a splash pad are the top priorities for capital improvement projects going forward.  Only 13% of respondents selected “none, just lower the mill levy” as their preferred action.

The survey was mailed by ETC to all households in Edgerton. Approximately 10 days after the surveys were mailed, ETC sent emails and text messages to encourage participation. A total of 201 households completed the survey, resulting in a 95% confidence level for the survey findings.

Read the full survey results here.