Records Request

records requestThe City of Edgerton is happy to assist you with any records request. Most records of the City are available for inspection and/or copying under the Kansas Open Records Act.

The City will charge reasonable fees to cover the costs of preparing record requests that meet certain criteria. Fees are set by the fee schedule adopted by the Governing Body. Citizens or members of the public simply need to complete a Records Request Form (below) and return it to City Clerk either by mail, fax, or in person. The City Clerk will process the request and will respond to that request within three business days. If a request cannot be fulfilled within three business days, the City Clerk will contact you to explain the reason for the delay and provide a reasonable time when the record will be available.

Alex Clower
City Clerk

   Download Records Copy Request Form

  • Inspection Fee – $20 per request, unless record is readily available
  • Copying Fee – $0.10 per page after first 10 pages. For large size documents, the requestor will be charged the actual cost of reproduction of any documents that cannot be reproduced by the City’s equipment.
  • Mailing Fee – Actual cost of mailing request
  • Facsimile Fee -$0.10 per page after the first 10 pages
  • Search Fee – Record searches that require more than 1 hour shall be charged a fee commensurate to the actual pay rate of the staff members involved at a rate set by the Governing Body through the Current Fee Schedule.
  • Prepayment – required when total fees are greater than $25.00