Residential Animal Regulations

Pet Licensing

Residents are limited to a total of four dogs or four cats (or any combination thereof so long as there are no more than a total of four animals). The City of Edgerton requires all dogs and cats to be licensed annually.

  • Neutered/spayed dog or cat: $5
  • Unneutered/non-spayed dog or cat: $25
  • Seniors (age 60 and over) with neutered/spayed dog or cat: no charge

Licenses tags are available at the City Office and are good from January 1 to December 31st each year. All animals must be properly registered by March 31, of the following year. Download the license application here. Registration after March 31 is subject to a $25 late fee per animal.

Proof of a rabies vaccination, dated within six months, is required for purchase of a license tag. By licensing your pet, the City has a better chance of returning your pet should it be picked up by City staff.

Please View Our Animal Control Brochure.

 If you have any questions, please contact city staff at 913-893-6231. 

Off-leash Dog Park

The City of Edgerton has a fenced off-leash dog park at Martin Creek Park. Only dogs 12 weeks old or older are allowed. All dogs must have current vaccinations and wear visible tags while in the park.

Handlers must pick up their dog’s waste. Up to three dogs per handler are allowed in the off-leash area at one time. Any animal exhibiting aggressive behavior must be removed immediately.

Urban Chickens

Edgerton residents are allowed to keep backyard chickens. A special urban chicken permit is required prior to obtaining any chickens.

Up to six female chickens are allowed on residential properties. Roosters are not permitted on properties under one acre. The chickens must be kept in a clean, safe coop that is approved by the City’s building inspector. See the full regulations under the Municipal Code here.

Commercial chicken operations are prohibited.

Download the permit here. Contact City Hall at 913.893.6231 with any questions.

Breeders and Farm Animals and Fowl

Contact City Hall at 913.893.6231 for details about regulations and applications for special permits.