City Services


Residential Water and Sewer Services

The City of Edgerton provides water and sanitary sewer and residential solid waste collection services for its residential utility customers. Most of the utility customers reside within the corporate limits of the City, but some water customers live outside the City. Utility bills are calculated at City Hall and sent to customers once a month on or around the 1st of each month.

  Residential Trash Services

Gardner Disposal is the provider of residential trash collection services for Edgerton residents and will provide one trash and one recycling cart to each residence.

  To activate a new residential utility account, please contact City Hall at 913-893-6231.

  Commercial Water, Sewer and Trash Services

Edgerton businesses seeking water services may be served by the City of Edgerton or Rural Water District No. 7 for water depending on their location within the city. Please contact City Hall if you have questions about water service.

For businesses served by the City of Edgerton, the City has several water supply sources and maintains three elevated storage tanks that amounts to approximately 400,000 gallons of stored capacity.

Commercial property owners are required to arrange for their trash services with a preferred carrier. The Edgerton Code of Ordinances (Section 8-509) does have screening requirements for commercial and industrial users. There may also be additional screening requirements in the Edgerton Unified Development Code for a particular zoning designation. Please contact us if you are a commercial property owner and need trash services.

  Residential Animal Regulations

The City of Edgerton requires all dogs and cats to be licensed annually.

On February 18, 2016, Edgerton City Council approved several updates to the animal ordinances. One of those updates included new prices and structure for annual pet registrations. The new prices are listed below. 

  • Neutered/spayed dog or cat: $5
  • Unneutered/non-spayed dog or cat: $25
  • Seniors (age 60 and over) with neutered/spayed dog or cat: no charge

Licenses tags are available at the City Office and are good from January 1 to December 31st each year. All animals must be properly registered by March 31, of the following year. Proof of a rabies vaccination, dated within six months, is required for purchase of a license tag. By licensing your pet, the City has a better chance of returning your pet should it be picked up by City staff.

Please View Our Animal Control Brochure.

  If you have any questions please contact city staff at 913-893-6231.