Business Assistance

The City of Edgerton, KS administers the zoning and development review process and provides staff support to the Planning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals. The City works to process and review development proposals, applications for rezoning, site plans, development plans, the platting process, sign regulations, conditional use permits and annexation procedures.

The City also ensures that development complies with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the Unified Development Code and other applicable City ordinances and regulations. The City also administers the floodplain management ordinance that regulates development within the floodplain.

The City’s view of development is one of partnership and cooperation. The City will make every effort to ensure that your development proposals are reviewed and processed in as expeditious of a schedule as possible. While there are certain requirements for each step of the development process, the City values growth and will work with developers to meet goals and deadlines.

Please let us know how we can assist you as you move forward with any development proposals or ideas. Please contact us here.

  Future Land Use

Click here to view the Future Land Use Map as a PDF.

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