Community Development

A trio of photos to show development. The first is a stack of rolled building plans. The middle is downtown Edgerton. The third is a large concrete wall being erected at LPKC.

The Community Development Department aims to enhance the quality of life in Edgerton by encouraging public involvement in the planning and creation of quality places to live, work, and play. Community Development assists customers with development projects promptly to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, ensuring all City neighborhoods continue to be healthy, safe, and livable for all residents, visitors, and businesses.

Community Development Staff do the following:

  • Prepare, modify, interpret and enforce the City's Unified Development Code, Comprehensive Plan, and Municipal Ordinances
  • Issue building permits
  • Conduct inspections
  • Review site plans and plats
  • Provide staff reports and analysis for the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Investigate and resolve zoning and codes violations

NEW - Online Permit Portal

The City of Edgerton has a new online portal for residents and developers to easily apply for permits. Permits are required for most projects.


Need help? See our user guides below, which explain how to use the new web portal.

User Guides:

What types of projects require a permit?  Download our handy guide to determine if you should apply for a building permit.


Contractors are required to have a City of Edgerton Business License and the relevant contractors license through Johnson County.

Residents are not required to have licenses to work on their own property.


Development Services Director

Zach Moore

Planning and Zoning Coordinator

Chris Clinton

Building Inspector

Jim Brown

Code Enforcement/Animal Control

Charlie Lydon

Physical Address:

404 E. Nelson Street
Edgerton, Kansas 66021



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