City Council Profiles

The City of Edgerton is governed by a Governing Body consisting of the Mayor and five City Council members. All members of the Governing Body are elected at-large and serve a term of four years. Terms of Office for newly elected Governing Body members begin with and include the first regular meeting of the Governing Body following the certification of the election. The Mayor presides over all meetings of the City Council, and his or her absence the Council President presides over meetings.

The City Council is responsible for discussing and guiding the overall direction of the City through the adoption of City policy, ordinances, and resolutions.

City Council meetings are the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm in City Hall. 

From left to right: Deb Lebakken, Clay Longanecker, Donald Roberts, Joshua Lewis, Bill Malloy, Ron Conus

City Council

Term Expires

Donald Roberts, Mayor
December 2025

Clay Longanecker, Council President
December 2027

Josh Lewis
December 2025

Ron Conus
December 2027

Bill Malloy
December 2025

Deb Lebakken
December 2027

Donald Roberts - Mayor

My goal as mayor is to provide opportunities for future generations. I love this city and its people. Neighbors are always willing to help each other. We can accomplish so much when we work together.


Clay Longanecker, Council President

January 2003-present

I ran for city council because I want to continue to represent the citizens and help build Edgerton in a positive manner. I like knowing that all the elected officials and city staff have Edgerton's best interests in mind.

Phone: 913.709.7403

A portrait image of Josh Lewis, who is wearing a blue shirt
Josh Lewis, Council Member

January 2018-present

I ran for City Council to contribute to my community and the great citizens of Edgerton.  My favorite thing about Edgerton is the hometown feel.

Phone: 913.219.4128

City Council Member Deb Lebakken smiles at the camera. She's wearing a purple printed shirt with a black short sleeve cardigan.

Deb Lebakken, Council Member

May 2022-present

I love everything Edgerton has to offer. As an analyst by both nature and profession, I keep in mind and consider all sides fairly while leaving my own personal feelings at the door. I believe city council is about working for citizens both present and future. I see a great future for Edgerton, and want to help our town continue to grow in the right direction.

Phone: 913.893.6231


Bill Malloy, Council Member

December 2022-present

I want to help make positive change in a strong community. My favorite thing about Edgerton is the small town feel and knowing that my children can play outside safely.

Phone: 913-286-0074

Councilmember Josh Beem
Ron Conus, Council Member

December 2023-present

I love living in a safe, caring community like Edgerton. I ran for city council to to put the interests of our citizens over and above those of corporate developers and limit property tax increases to the annual rate of inflation.

Phone: 913.215.3051