Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets at City Hall every second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM. The commission is comprised of five members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council to serve a three-year term. Members of the Planning Commission are appointed in September. 

Duties of the Planning Commission include:

  • To make or cause to be made, or to update annually, a Comprehensive Plan for the Edgerton Planning Area; to propose and recommend all revisions and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan to the Governing Body.
  • To give notice of and conduct all public hearings pertaining to matters of zoning, planning, and subdivision.
  • To recommend all actions, after hearing, concerning zoning text and map amendments, and conditional uses for consideration to the Governing Body.
  • To review for final approval or disapproval all required site plans and preliminary and final plats.
  • To add conditions to subdivision plats and zoning map amendments when, in the opinion of a majority of Planning Commissioners, such conditions are essential to the preservation of property values, the public health, safety and welfare, and the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of property.
  • To grant area and bulk variances on preliminary subdivision plats when, in the opinion of a majority of the Planning Commissioners, such variations are essential to preserve natural resources, overcome practical difficulty, and serve the public interest.
  • To hold an annual meeting in June of each year for the purpose of electing a Planning Commission Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Secretary.
  • To hold an annual meeting for the purpose of reviewing the Comprehensive Plan and to update or amend the Plan as necessary.

Planning Commissioners

John Daley

Jeremy Little
Vice Chair

Tina Mathos

Adam Draskovich

Jordyn Mueller

Term Expires

September 2024

September 2026

September 2026

September 2025

September 2024