After the storm: What contractors should know about doing business in Edgerton

In the wake of strong storms, homeowners in Edgerton may be seeking professional help to make repairs to their property.

Contractors are required to hold a valid City of Edgerton business license and a Roofing Contractor Certificate of Registration from the State of Kansas. Edgerton business licenses are $5 each and are valid until December 31. You can obtain a license at City Hall, located at 404 E. Nelson Street, during normal business hours.

Permits are required before any major work begins. If you are replacing a roof or exposing any part of the roof deck, a permit is required. Contact the Community Development Department at 913.893.6231 with any questions. Permits are available at City Hall. Details about permits and fees are available here.

Door-to-door solicitations are allowed, however every company is required to obtain a permit before knocking on any doors. The fee is $25 per day for up to 10 days, or you can obtain a six-month license for $250. If the applicant is not a Johnson County resident, that individual must submit to a background check. See the full rules here. Companies that do not have a permit may be cited.