Free Chlorine Burn Begins July 15

Kara Banks City News

The City of Edgerton has been notified that our water supplier at Miami County Rural Water District #2 will begin a free chlorine burn on July 15.

The free chlorine will likely take about 2 weeks to reach Edgerton. This burn is not harmful and the water quality will not change.

If you notice any discoloration in your water, please flush your lines for a few minutes. If the discoloration continues, call City Hall at 913-893-6231 so we can flush the lines around your area. The City of Edgerton Utilities Department is committed to keeping your water safe to drink.

From Miami County Rural Water District #2:
The District will temporarily discontinue using combined chlorine on July 15, 2022. Instead, free chlorine will be used for up to thirty days. This is part of the District’s annual maintenance program. Patrons may notice a stronger than usual chlorine taste and smell to the water. This is only temporary and is necessary to “burn out” the system to kill certain “nitrifying” bacteria that do not show up on the routine sampling. These bacteria are not harmful to humans or animals. They tend to cause slime growths within the waterlines and create a higher than normal demand on chlorine, thus lowering disinfection properties.

The chlorine taste may linger after the free chlorine has been discontinued. Some areas may not notice the taste difference for up to three weeks after this treatment change. In some cases, there may be some natural soluble iron and manganese present in the waterlines. Free chlorine may further oxidize these substances.