Stormwater Master Planning Process Underway

Kara Banks City News

The City of Edgerton is in the midst of a new stormwater masterplan. This comprehensive plan will help the city not only identify and prioritize projects to reduce flooding and improve drainage systems, but will also help us plan for the future.

The City has contracted with Olsson to put together the stormwater masterplan. Residents will receive a questionnaire in the mail the week of September 14. Your answers to these questions will help us determine where flooding or other stormwater concerns occur most often in the City. The questionnaire is also available here and through our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please fill out the survey to assist us with this very important project. We are specifically looking for areas of flooding in public spaces, not nuisance yard flooding or problems due to poor yard grading.

A stormwater system inventory begins September 17. Team members from Olsson may be on your property collecting information about existing pipes and structures. They will wear reflective vests and carry badges with identifying information. The inventory collection will generally be done during normal business hours. If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 913.893.6231.

We will also host a public open house meeting later this month to discuss more about the master plan process. Please wear a mask if you plan to attend. Details are below.

Open House Master Plan Meeting
Martin Creek Park Shelter
September 22, 2020
4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Individual meetings are available for anyone who cannot attend the open house. Contact City Hall at 913-893-6231 or email to set up a time.