Animal control

A dog, a cat and another dog are seen in this trio of images.


The annual license period runs from January 1st through December 31st. Owners must renew their licenses by March 31st to avoid a penalty. The license costs $5 with proof of rabies vaccination.

The City of Edgerton requires all cats and dogs over six months old to be licensed. Licenses must be renewed annually. This is separate from the rabies vaccine tag provided by veterinarians. Residents are limited to a total of four animals (cats or dogs or any combination thereof) over six months old.

Download the form here. You must provide proof of vaccination with your animal license application. Email the completed form to

Dangerous dogs

Edgerton City Code prohibits residents from owning dangerous or vicious animals. Pet owners may not permit any animal with a propensity for attacking or biting to run loose.

If you have a concern about a possible dangerous dog, contact the City’s Animal Control Officer at 913-893-6231 or submit a violation here.

Animal bites

All bites must be reported to Animal Control or the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office immediately. The animal involved must be surrendered to Animal Control or the Sheriff’s Office for a quarantine period. The owner must also provide proof of current rabies vaccination.

Leash law

All animals are required to be secured on a leash or a lead, unless the animal is on the owner’s property, under the control of a responsible person and obedient to that person’s commands.

The Animal Control Officer may impound any animal that is found to be at-large.

Off-leash Dog Park

Edgerton has an off-leash dog park at Martin Creek Park. Rules are posted and must be abided for the safety of dogs and owners.

Farm animals and fowl

Property owners who would like to keep horses, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, chickens or fowl on their property must receive a city permit. You can find the application here.

Download the city’s brochure for easy reference on the rules to keep your animals healthy and safe.