Take the Survey, Get $20 Utility Bill Credit

Kara BanksCity News

Help the City of Edgerton complete our lead service line inventory survey and you’ll earn a credit on your May utility bill.

As part of the EPA’s efforts to get the lead out of drinking water, every water utility across the country is required to inventory all water service lines. While we know that the City’s water mains are lead-free, we need your help to figure out what the pipes are made of that deliver water into your home.

Fill out the survey at this link. You’ll need to follow the simple instructions to find your water line and identify the type of pipe: galvanized, copper, plastic, or lead.

Water customers who successfully submit their survey will be given an automatic $20 credit on their May water bills. You must fill out the survey by March 31 to receive the credit. Only 1 credit per household. There is no cash equivalent.

Seniors who need help physically accessing the location where the pipe enters your home should call City Hall at 913-893-6231. Staff will connect you with a volunteer who would be available to help.