City opens brush pile for residents, warns against scammers after recent storms

Kara BanksCity News

Storms last week left plenty of tree and roof damage across the City of Edgerton.  Residents reported hail up to 1.5 inches in diameter and more than four inches of rain in some areas.

In the aftermath, the City will open the brush pile at the Public Works Department located at 710 W. Nelson Street on Saturday, August 24. Residents can dispose of any tree limbs and brush for free between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

If your home was damaged by hail, be cautious of unsolicited contactors coming to your door and offering to help with repairs or clean-up.  Scam artists often try to take advantage of homeowners coping with damage.  They will often give verbal quotes or offer a “discount” because they’re working in the neighborhood, but when the final bill comes due, it is usually significantly higher than the quoted price.  

Residents are encouraged to contact their home insurance agent before signing any contracts to repair roofs damaged by hail.  Permits are required for any roof replacements.  Generally, if the decking of your roof becomes exposed during repair work, a permit is required.  Permits are available at City Hall (404 E. Nelson St). Contact the City’s building inspector for more details.

The State of Kansas requires roofing contractors to be licensed.  You can check the Attorney General’s website at to find out if your contractor has a license.  Edgerton also requires contractors to hold a City business license.  Those are available at City Hall during normal business hours. Any contractors going door-to-door are also required to have a solicitor’s permit.  You can verify both the business license and solicitor’s license by calling City Hall at 913.863.6231.

If you are a contractor, please click this link for more details about licenses, permits and fees.