Mayor, City Council Members sworn in

Kara Banks City News

Edgerton City Council 2021
From left: Council President Clay Longanecker, Council Member Josie Stambaugh, Council Member Jody Brown, Mayor Donald Roberts, Council Member Joshua Lewis, Council Member Joshua Beem

The City of Edgerton has a new governing body.  New and returning members of the Edgerton City Council were sworn in on Thursday, December 9.  Voters re-elected Mayor Donald Roberts and Council Member Joshua Lewis and elected Council Member Josie Stambaugh on November 2. 

City Clerk Alex Clower administered the oaths of office for each person.

Council members then elected Clay Longanecker as Council President.  The Council President presides over meetings if the mayor is absent.

Members of the City Council are responsible for discussing and guiding the overall direction of the City through the adoption of City policy, ordinances, and resolutions. Each member of the Governing Body is elected at-large and serves a term of four years.

Find out more about each of the Council Members here.

The Edgerton City Council meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month at 7 p.m. in City Hall.