The Utilities department manages the utilities provided by the City of Edgerton to residents and businesses, and their associated infrastructure. The City of Edgerton provides sewer services and water services to its residents and businesses. Edgerton's sewer treatment is provided by the City-owned Big Bull Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, which has a maximum capacity of close to 500,000 gallons of wastewater per day. 

Consumer Confidence Reports

Every Spring, the City of Edgerton undergoes a study of its water quality from the previous calendar year. The results are then released to the public in the form of a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Edgerton takes pride in the quality of water we provide to our residents and citizens. The last five years of Consumer Confidence Reports can be found below:

Consumer Confidence Report 2020

Consumer Confidence Report 2019

Consumer Confidence Report 2018

Consumer Confidence Report 2017

Consumer Confidence Report 2016