Ordinance No. 1005

Beth Linn

An Ordinance Authorizing the City of Edgerton, Kansas, to Issue Industrial Revenue Bonds (ELHC XIV, LLC Project) Series 2015, in an Aggregate Maximum Principal Amount Not to Exceed $38,000,000 for the Purpose of Providing Funds to Pay the Cost of Acquiring, Purchasing, Constructing, Installing, and Equipping a Commercial Project, Consisting of a Warehouse and Distribution Facility, Including Land, Buildings, Structures, Improvements, Fixtures, Machinery and Equipment; Authorizing the City to Enter into a Trust Indenture with the Trustee Set Forth Therein; Authorizing the City to Enter into a Lease Agreement with ELHC XIV, LLC; Authorizing the City to Enter into a Bond Purchase Agreement in Connection with the Bonds, and Authorizing and Approving the Execution of Certain Documents and the Taking of Other Actions in Connection with the Issuance of the Bonds.