Residents Encouraged to Participate in State’s Internet Speed Survey

Kara Banks City News

The State of Kansas launched a new survey to help identify areas with underserved internet service or low speeds. Edgerton residents are invited to take this survey, which could help officials identify significant funding opportunities to expand broadband internet.

The test is available at and it measures internet speed, general location and IP address. Residents’ personal information will remain private.

You can also complete an optional survey about connectivity patterns, training requirements and affordability of internet services.

The Kansas Broadband Development Office asks participants to take five to seven tests at different times of day or days of the week. Each test takes a few minutes. Take the test while connected to Wi-Fi from your home or business networks with no use of a cellular network for accurate results.

If possible, people should take the test in the late afternoon or early evening, which is when service is typically the slowest.

Individuals without internet access at their homes or businesses can call or text 913-349-9555 to share their address where service is unavailable.